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Promo Brand on Demand



Yara delivers profitable and responsible solutions for agriculture and the environment.

Yara is the world leading producer of nitrates, calcium nitrate, NPKs, global number two in ammonia and a growing portfolio of phosphates, providing the foundation for Yara’s crop nutrition and industrial solutions.

“Knowledge grows” summarizes Yara’s Brand essence. It conveys Yara’s promise to their stakeholders and is the glue that binds together Yara’s strategy, culture, and brand positioning.

Yara is very strict on their branding and as a result of this they had some very specific demands and requirements for their promo webshop. Therefor we needed to implement quite a few customizations but could still base the shop on our standard promo shop functionality with automated product importer.

Custom webshop design

As a starting point Yara needed a shop supporting their brand which resulted in a requirement to implement it in their house-style. Also the shop is setup fully responsive so that it can be used on all devises. For the defined custom categories they defined we needed to design an icon set. Only products with colors that are allowed within their branding book, can be advertised in the shop.

Pre-defined logo’s

For buyers in the Yara promo shop there is no need to upload their logo’s which must be printed on the selected products. All brands and corresponding logo’s in the precise correct colors and format are already preloaded in the webshop and can be simply selected in the configuration process. The selected logo will be visualized on-line on the product giving the user good feedback of the print on product combination. This is part of the so called Brand-on-Demand functionality.