Brand on Demand Shop

A special version of the Promo webshop is the so called Brand on Demand (BoD) shop.
This shop is often deployed for large companies that like to utilize their own dedicated (house-style branded) promo shop, enabling them to channel all orders from multiple geographical entities to one point of contact / promo fulfillment partner.

Such clients usually have very strict branding regulations and at the same time require fast delivery after placing an order. In order to meet these demands, often distributors are more or less forced to stock pre-printed promotional products.

However, such a service brings in additional costs as well as quite a few risks:

  • Investment in pre-branded stock per customer
  • Depreciation of stock after contract ends
  • Risk of stock getting lost or damaged
  • Product getting outdated
  • Limited number of items to choose from


The Brand on Demand shop offers an interesting alternative in such cases. It will allow elimination of the pre-printed stock, while at the same time automates the order process and channels the orders from all geographical locations to the one distributor.

How this works

  1. Logo’s available from webshop: approved brands & logo’s can be preloaded in the shop by the distributer in the exact allowed color scheme and correct format.
  2. Real-time stock quantities: ordered quantity of the selected product is guaranteed available of the shelf.
  3. In the configuration process the required quantity and brand / logo are chosen by the client.
  4. After selection the logo is visualized online on the product within the chosen imprint area (what you see is what you get).
  5. Order is placed in the shop and automatically pushed to the supplier (after approval distributer).
  6. Order will be processed and shipped to the client with short turnaround times.


By offering your multinational clients the BoD service, it’s likely that this will increase the chance to win the contract and also keep it after it expires.
We can offer you full webshop support (including shop management) along this journey. We don’t just offer a BoD Promo shop, but include a partnership as well.

Advantages Brand on Demand

  • Lower or no investment in dedicated stock Less cost
  • No depreciation risk Less cost
  • Wider product range More sales
  • Nice client experience More sales
  • Automated order process Less cost
  • Sales funnel for all client entities More sales