This week we were searching for new content for our weekly product update. So we like to share our new features we have developed and haven’t told you about, yet.

There are different ways to how people interact with a webshop. One of the underestimated features is the search. Research shows – that people use the search tool often, to find for what they are looking for.

Having a great search can improve the conversion and user experience which are both extremely important for online shops.

The search is better because:
• It’s faster
• Better results
• Automatic suggestion for better user experience (i.e. “Did you mean?” feature)
• Dropdown with more information (images, price, SKU, product title)
• User can directly search for a product, instead of list page

We think its a great new feature which, if you are interested, can be installed in your webshop. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us, so we can give you a live demo.

Aside from this product update we are always interested to hear from your experience. What can we do to help you grow your online business?