In a world of continues innovation it’s important to watch the trends. Where is the world of E-commerce going to, what are the big trends one has to pay attention to, in order to stay ahead of the competition.

With companies like Amazon, the consumer and users of the platform are spoiled by the great customer service during the whole customer journey.

Delivering the same experience, for wide variety of products is insainly hard.
Due to this fact you see other brands diving into niche markets, which give them the opportunty to deliver to the same or similar type of standards to what the big companies deliver.

In other words; Go niche, Go Big or Go Home.

The world is going faster and faster towards a mobile online environment. Don’t use the current speed of evolution in predicting how fast this will go. Every single evolution online, will grow exponentially as well. Mobile browsing already now has officially surpassed desktop browsing. Almost everyone these days shops and orders via their smartphone. Don’t think this will be different in the b2b enviroment. In the end a person (customer) is making the decisions.

Sell where the attention is. In most cases this will be on platforms like facebook, instagram or what else. These platforms are evolving and are making it possible to sell directly via their apps. Make sure you are ready for this and have the right strategy in place to create a seem-less shopping experience.

With todays tools its possible to automate this marketing strategy. This way you can really see (you should) the shop as an employee.

Show your customers what they want to see. Get to know them better and based on this information technology can help them further. If a costumers always buys something in technology sector, show them all the top powerbansk right away on the homescreen. Or something similar that they recently bought.

Configure product display and pricing according to the client company’s business wishes. By allowing buyers to choose from pre-approved products, in for example their own look and feel.

Easy Ordering And Reordering
Simplify pricing structure to allow easy implementation of product configuration, quoting, payment processing, recurring shipment and online reordering.

If you are not doing anything with video in 2018 you are missing out. Use videos to show the world who you are and what you stand for. Making and showing the world your content has never been easier.

Story telling
This is something that always has been there. When you sell, you communicate a story. But why we are metiniong this here as a trend of 2018? Brands that figure out their unique story and know how to tell and distribute this well across all there platforms, will experience growth. People will get more intrested by how a product is made and why it’s really the best one can buy.

Creat context around what you sell.

Go niche
Something we also talked about in our last blog post as well. Start niche webshops, focussed on a certain market, target group or product.

Last year the big technologies companies all launched Voice control devices. The Alexa Amazon, Google Voice and Apple HomePod will play a big rol in our lives over the next decade. 2018 will be the year where it all started to take off.

Progressive web apps
In 2018, we’ll see a trend in upgrading websites to add elements such as animated page transitions, push notifications and splash screens. Via this way you can build better products and are you able to continue to evolve to meet each your user’s personalized tastes.