Last week I saw a post on Linked with an award show called; “supplier of the year”. At least I think that is the name of the elections.

Because the image above is the page where you can vote. It is the page who everyone proudly shares. We didn’t edit this image. What you see here is the entire webpage.

It has no visual attention at all, you actually don’t understand what it is, what you can do here, and who (in this case) Compacon is.

In many cases online users will stop here, they go back with whatever they were doing. The main reason for this is that they become uncertain because they have no idea what is going on.

I don’t blame them. You ask for a user’s time, you should give them what they deserve. A nice well-designed experience.

For the one person who does some research, and for example goes to the main URL, will see a simple placeholder.

My question is simple. Why don’t we give this all a little bit more attention, no, love?

It isn’t rocket science. Make sure you use some basic patterns internet user are used to. Create a homepage where you tell the story behind the organization. Why people should vote, who is anticipating. Show the companies involved.

Give the companies where you can vote on the space to tell more about themselves, a short bio and a place to convince the user why they should vote.

Let’s create more high-level products, together. Part of this sector is sleeping, it’s time to wake up. Be proud of what you make, make sure all the details are right.

The experience of what you communicate to the outside world should be consistent in every channel.

Every day we’re working on improving this online experience.

Provide an environment where you can be proud of as a promotional product company and present the vision of the company and the added value of your team in its best possible way.

This is something that we trying to improve, step by step, every single day.

Later I found out via a blog post that there is some sort of homepage:
No idea, why not every single page is hosted within that domain.

The fact there is something more, don’t change my opinion though.