For the past several months we have been working on something exciting. Our clients need a way to target specific groups of people, for a specific range of promotional products. In other words; our clients need to be able to create a marketing one-page website relatively fast.

In Magento our clients could achieve this by making a separate CMS page. Magento isn’t made for this so this process is slow, frustrating and the end result is often disappointing.

That’s why we’ve created Pop-up. Pop-up is a WordPress theme that serves as a companion for your WaaS. Once setup and configured you can build an one-pager, almost as easy as building something with Lego. This is because it works with components, which you can stack on top of each other via the WordPress back-end.

Hoodies are in high demand
Let’s say you want to make a marketing site for selling branded hoodies. You would request a Pop-up store, which we will setup and configure for you, and you can start building your one-pager. This one-pager is located at With this URL you can target an audience on Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.

But typing out product information, exporting and importing the product images into WordPress and double checking this for any mistakes isn’t fast and isn’t fun. That’s why we integrated all PF and Xindao products into our Pop-up theme via a custom made API.

This enables you to fill in the SKU of the product you want to show and Pop-up will take it from there. It will show your visitors the product name, image, description and maybe a button that links to the product in your WaaS.

While this integration is still in early beta, we started designing components for Pop-up as we speak.

Getting started with Pop-up and the WaaS API
If you would like to know more about the possibilities of Pop-up and the API or have any ideas about how to improve the product, please give us a call or drink some coffee with us!