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Operating a Promotional Products business? Considering to expand this business in a professional way on-line? The promoshop by Cloudshop may be just what you need. We don’t just offer a platform dedicated and fine tuned to sell your promotional products online. We offer a partnership as well. We like to help clients further both with a state of the art e-commerce platform as well as with actually assisting in running your on-line business.

The promo webshop is neatly designed, has a well thought out workflow, comes with thousands of products, calculates the order sales price and shipping costs, allows for configuring the products with logo and is ready for direct on-line payments.

Fully operational B2B webshop

Product Importer, price Calculation, logo Upload

We can easy adjust the look and feel of the shop towards your company specific housestyle. Tier pricing is available for both product and imprint methods and is calculated by applying margins to your purchase price. The available imprint locations on products are shown and selectable. Multiple sizes of textile products can be ordered in one orderline. Up to date stock quantities are shown per product color and size. Extended product navigation and search capabilities are in place.

Ready for a new world

It's just not a platform, it's a partnership 

We don't just offer a platform through which you are able to sell your promotional products online. We like to help people further. And that's exactly what we plan to do with you as a customer. Besides with the webshop, our team is ready to assist you in any possible way. 

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Shipping integration

We can integrate all major shipping platforms so you can ship to anywhere with cost calculation.

Multiple product feeds

We have integrated major supplier product feeds: PF Concept & Xindao product portfolio. We offer more possibilties in our Enterprise version promoshop. 

Payment system integration

We can integrate all major payment systems so you will be able to receive direct online payments. 

Multiple stock points

Because we work with major globally operating product suppliers you can ship to all over the world from multiple warehouses within the promoshop platform. Live stock quantities information is available on all products.

Product configurator 

We built a simple but smart product configurator so your customers can add and view their logo with the product order.

Works on all devices

We are ready for a new world. The shops work perfectly fine on mobile, tablet and desktop devices! 

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We are always available to help you in any way. So if you have questions, please let us know. Our promo team will be happy answer these and further assist you.

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